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Caissa Hotel Chess Tournament - Dolphin Group - A

Last update 05.05.2022 19:03:47, Creator: Manisa TCF,Last Upload: IRMA UND WERNER STUBENVOLL

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Team-Composition with round-results

  1. B TAKIM (RtgAvg:2489, TB1: 18 / TB2: 15)
1GMNinov Nikolai2446BUL2900424½11½½½½½0592326
2GMMosadeghpour Masoud2474IRI12519278½½1011½½1692326
3GMKovchan Alexander2548UKR14103052½½1½½1111792326
  2. D TAKIM (RtgAvg:2316, TB1: 13,5 / TB2: 9)
1Biyiksiz Ali Batuhan1971TUR2630725100½000½00192384
2IMDraskovic Luka2484MNE9443351½11½1½½½6,592384
3IMYilmazyerli Mert2493TUR63059621½11½1½½0692384
  3. A TAKIM (RtgAvg:2338, TB1: 12 / TB2: 7)
1FMYarar Bora2396TUR34588400½1½0100½14,592377
2FMOzsakallioglu Okan2270TUR6367011½00000½½12,592377
3FMGunduz Umut Erdem2349TUR6381383½1010½½1½592377
  4. C TAKIM (RtgAvg:2325, TB1: 10,5 / TB2: 5)
1IMYurtseven Melih2388TUR6312160100½10½½03,592381
2IMBlesic Vaso2268SRB930733010½01½00392381
3FMDolgun Can2319TUR34533273000110½½1492381