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45th Nottingham Congress 2022 Major

Last update 24.04.2022 18:33:51, Creator/Last Upload: nottschess

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Final Ranking after 5 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameRtgClub/City TB1 
16Wells David1850York4
8Benzaira Sammy1838Nottingham University4
12Luong James1813Sheffield University4
23Lopez-Martinez Alejandro1681Sheffield University4
510Patrick David A1836Calderdale3,5
14Cotterill Sam1789Stratford3,5
74Tarwid Julian1858Anstey3
7Levens David G1848Ashfield3
18Pettinger Martin1770Rolls Royce Derby3
22Mason Stephen1719West Nottingham3
26Smith Justin1543Derby3
27Burdell George0Rolls Royce Derby3
1316Greatorex Roger1778Llangollen2,5
19Hankey Chris P1752Fenton2,5
25Pyun Lindsay1569Leicestershire Juniors2,5
161Sudar Dragoljub1883Gambit2
2Bromilow Edward T1864Rolls Royce Derby2
3Szasz Anna K1864Ilkley2
5Coward Neil1851Blackpool2
11Clegg Robert1833Huddersfield2
13Irwin James1809Stowmarket2
20Taylor Robert P1750Ashfield2
239Jeffrie Lewis1838Loughborough1,5
17Peer Musa1778Wigston1,5
2521Curran David P1734Market Harborough1
24Ashton Alannah16173Cs1
2715Bingham James T1778Braunstone0,5

Tie Break1: points (game-points)