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Leinster Junior chess championships 2022 U19

Last update 06.01.2022 09:53:59, Creator/Last Upload: IvanBaburin

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Starting rank

1Hackett WilliamIRL1615
2Kavanagh JamesIRL1587
3Keenan CathalIRL1576
4Avetisyan GagikIRL1490
5Paibir AtharvaIRL1456
6Fitzgerald NiallIRL1328
7O'Connell CharlieIRL924
8O'Connell ElliotIRL863
9O'Connell SaulIRL826
10Waldron DiarmaidIRL700
11Lyons AdamIRL0
12McCourt EvanIRL0
13Collins MatthewIRL0
14McGuiness PeterIRL0
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