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Social GEVA-CEA 2021

Last update 19.12.2021 08:27:04, Creator/Last Upload: Federació d’Escacs Valls d’Andorra

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Starting rank

1FMGomez Anadon Daniel2218151AND2201
2CMLuke Brezmes Cristofer2274477AND2109
3Mateu Guiu Esteve22270728AND2061
4CMRibera Veganzones Josep Maria6900763AND2042
5Guerra Reig Juan2224801AND1941
6Ribera Veganzones Serni6900860AND1930
7Casanovas Cantarero Eric6900445AND1772
8De La Riva Real Ariadna6901018AND1509
9Martinez Gamiz Marc6900976AND1498
10Alcon Llosada Jaume6900798AND1486
11Perez Cortes Bonifacio6901425AND1468
12Perez Escuredo Nicolas6901271AND1330
13Montoliu Torres Joaquim6900097AND1279