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The closing ceremony will be on December 26th


Last update 23.12.2021 17:32:40, Creator/Last Upload: tkarali

Player Overview of a federation

Overview for team TUR

6CMErdogmus Yagiz KaanTUR2276100011111061Open 10
4FMGurel EdizTUR2390½11110½½1½71Open 14

Player details

CM Erdogmus Yagiz Kaan 2276 TUR Rp:1848 Pts. 6
11Dau Khuong Duy1754VIE3,5s 1Open 10
21Dau Khuong Duy1754VIE3,5w 0Open 10
34Nguyen Quang Minh1423VIE0- 0KOpen 10
44Nguyen Quang Minh1423VIE0- 0KOpen 10
52CMSchnaider Ilan2106ARG3,5s 1Open 10
62CMSchnaider Ilan2106ARG3,5w 1Open 10
75Sathvik Adiga1374IND2w 1Open 10
85Sathvik Adiga1374IND2s 1Open 10
93AIMVaz Ethan1384IND5s 1Open 10
103AIMVaz Ethan1384IND5w 0Open 10
FM Gurel Ediz 2390 TUR Rp:2362 Pts. 7
13Makridis Dimitrios2082GRE6s ½Open 14
23Makridis Dimitrios2082GRE6w 1Open 14
36CMNavumenka Mikhei2114BLR2s 1Open 14
46CMNavumenka Mikhei2114BLR2w 1Open 14
55Olenik Campa Rudi2102SLO5,5w 1Open 14
65Olenik Campa Rudi2102SLO5,5s 0Open 14
71IMAnsat Aldiyar2366KAZ6s ½Open 14
81IMAnsat Aldiyar2366KAZ6w ½Open 14
92IMShahil Dey2400IND3,5w 1Open 14
102IMShahil Dey2400IND3,5s ½Open 14