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CSC London Chess Classic 2021: England vs Rest of World

Last update 11.12.2021 12:11:48, Creator/Last Upload: chessinschools

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Team-Composition with round-results

  1. Rest of World (RtgAvg:2677, TB1: 9,5 / TB2: 0)
1GMGelfand Boris2663ISR2805677½0½1½13,562673
2GMVitiugov Nikita2731RUS4152956½½1½½1462673
3GMLagarde Maxime2638FRA66239910½½00262673
  2. England (RtgAvg:2673, TB1: 8,5 / TB2: 0)
1GMAdams Michael2700ENG400041½½½0½1362677
2GMJones Gawain C B2665ENG409561½1½½103,562677
3GMMcShane Luke J2655ENG404853010½½0262677