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15. Pojedinacno prvenstvo Srbije u sahu 2021 za zene

Last update 14.12.2021 15:16:27, Creator/Last Upload: Belgrade Chess Federation

Starting rank list of players

6WGMManakova Maria927007SRB2265
2WIMVelikic Adela913553SRB2254
1WGMEric Jovana938238SRB2240
9WIMGajcin Marina949086SRB2234
4WGMBenderac Ana913464SRB2200
3WIMDrljevic Ljilja928879SRB2197
10WGMChelushkina Irina928615SRB2192
5WIMSrdanovic Jovana954810SRB2146
7WFMVujcic Milena954748SRB2129
8WIMDjukic Sandra931390SRB2118
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