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Last update 22.10.2021 20:10:04, Creator/Last Upload: Chess Federation of central Serbia

Player Overview of a federation

Overview for team SRB

4GMDamljanovic BrankoSRB2504½000111½½0½58GM ASK 1
3GMIlincic ZlatkoSRB2383½111½½1½½6,52IM ASK 1
6GMCabrilo GoranSRB23701½½½10½½½54IM ASK 1
7GMPikula DejanSRB237811½1½011½6,51IM ASK 1
1GMTadic BrankoSRB24841½1½½01½½5,52GM ASK 2
8GMDamljanovic BrankoSRB25041½1100½½½54GM ASK 2
1GMPikula DejanSRB23780½½001011½04,55IM ASK 2
2GMIlincic ZlatkoSRB2383½½0000½½½002,511IM ASK 2
1GMSavic Miodrag RSRB24331½0½½½10½4,56GM Rujna zora 5
10IMPanic NenadSRB2326000100100210GM Rujna zora 5

Player details

GM Damljanovic Branko 2504 SRB Rp:2347 Pts. 5
19Raahul V S2344IND5,5w ½GM ASK 1
210IMSankalp Gupta2446IND8,5s 0GM ASK 1
311GMIniyan P2529IND8,5w 0GM ASK 1
41IMNitin S.2381IND7,5s 0GM ASK 1
52WIMHarshita Guddanti2180IND2w 1GM ASK 1
63FMAcor Corey2309USA2s 1GM ASK 1
712Bhambure Shantanu2405IND3,5w 1GM ASK 1
85GMDizdarevic Emir2423BIH2,5w ½GM ASK 1
96Ritviz Parab2296IND6s ½GM ASK 1
107IMMakarian Rudik2470RUS8w 0GM ASK 1
118GMKosic Dragan2434MNE7s ½GM ASK 1
GM Ilincic Zlatko 2383 SRB Rp:2378 Pts. 6,5
18FMManafov Vugar2236AZE6w ½IM ASK 1
29AIMAayush Bhattacherjee1956IND4s 1IM ASK 1
31CMMayank Chakraborty2158IND3,5w 1IM ASK 1
42Ayush Sharma2072IND2s 1IM ASK 1
510IMDeshmukh Anup2201IND4w ½IM ASK 1
64GMPopchev Milko2222BUL3,5w ½IM ASK 1
75FMMustafayev Farid2319AZE4s 1IM ASK 1
86GMCabrilo Goran2370SRB5w ½IM ASK 1
97GMPikula Dejan2378SRB6,5s ½IM ASK 1
GM Cabrilo Goran 2370 SRB Rp:2257 Pts. 5
15FMMustafayev Farid2319AZE4s 1IM ASK 1
210IMDeshmukh Anup2201IND4s ½IM ASK 1
37GMPikula Dejan2378SRB6,5w ½IM ASK 1
48FMManafov Vugar2236AZE6s ½IM ASK 1
59AIMAayush Bhattacherjee1956IND4w 1IM ASK 1
61CMMayank Chakraborty2158IND3,5s 0IM ASK 1
72Ayush Sharma2072IND2w ½IM ASK 1
83GMIlincic Zlatko2383SRB6,5s ½IM ASK 1
94GMPopchev Milko2222BUL3,5w ½IM ASK 1
GM Pikula Dejan 2378 SRB Rp:2379 Pts. 6,5
14GMPopchev Milko2222BUL3,5s 1IM ASK 1
25FMMustafayev Farid2319AZE4w 1IM ASK 1
36GMCabrilo Goran2370SRB5s ½IM ASK 1
410IMDeshmukh Anup2201IND4s 1IM ASK 1
58FMManafov Vugar2236AZE6w ½IM ASK 1
69AIMAayush Bhattacherjee1956IND4s 0IM ASK 1
71CMMayank Chakraborty2158IND3,5w 1IM ASK 1
82Ayush Sharma2072IND2s 1IM ASK 1
93GMIlincic Zlatko2383SRB6,5w ½IM ASK 1
GM Tadic Branko 2484 SRB Rp:2455 Pts. 5,5
110IMMoksh Amit Doshi2379IND5,5w 1GM ASK 2
22GMKosic Dragan2436MNE5w ½GM ASK 2
33Ritviz Parab2296IND2,5s 1GM ASK 2
44IMPetkov Momchil2441BUL4,5w ½GM ASK 2
55Bhambure Shantanu2405IND3,5s ½GM ASK 2
66IMSankalp Gupta2446IND7w 0GM ASK 2
77Kunal M.2290IND3s 1GM ASK 2
88GMDamljanovic Branko2504SRB5w ½GM ASK 2
99WIMHarshita Guddanti2180IND3,5s ½GM ASK 2
GM Damljanovic Branko 2504 SRB Rp:2416 Pts. 5
13Ritviz Parab2296IND2,5s 1GM ASK 2
24IMPetkov Momchil2441BUL4,5w ½GM ASK 2
35Bhambure Shantanu2405IND3,5s 1GM ASK 2
46IMSankalp Gupta2446IND7w 1GM ASK 2
57Kunal M.2290IND3s 0GM ASK 2
610IMMoksh Amit Doshi2379IND5,5s 0GM ASK 2
79WIMHarshita Guddanti2180IND3,5w ½GM ASK 2
81GMTadic Branko2484SRB5,5s ½GM ASK 2
92GMKosic Dragan2436MNE5w ½GM ASK 2
GM Pikula Dejan 2378 SRB Rp:2170 Pts. 4,5
1-bye- --- 0IM ASK 2
22GMIlincic Zlatko2383SRB2,5w ½IM ASK 2
33Hari Madhavan N B2253IND5,5s ½IM ASK 2
44FMMustafayev Farid2319AZE7,5w 0IM ASK 2
55FMManafov Vugar2236AZE7,5s 0IM ASK 2
66CMMayank Chakraborty2158IND4w 1IM ASK 2
77Ayush Sharma2072IND7,5s 0IM ASK 2
88Albers Sasa2027NED3w 1IM ASK 2
99IMDeshmukh Anup2201IND4,5s 1IM ASK 2
1010GMPopchev Milko2222BUL4,5w ½IM ASK 2
1111WIMSharma Isha2191IND4s 0IM ASK 2
GM Ilincic Zlatko 2383 SRB Rp:2063 Pts. 2,5
111WIMSharma Isha2191IND4w ½IM ASK 2
21GMPikula Dejan2378SRB4,5s ½IM ASK 2
3-bye- --- 0IM ASK 2
43Hari Madhavan N B2253IND5,5w 0IM ASK 2
54FMMustafayev Farid2319AZE7,5s 0IM ASK 2
65FMManafov Vugar2236AZE7,5w 0IM ASK 2
76CMMayank Chakraborty2158IND4s ½IM ASK 2
87Ayush Sharma2072IND7,5w ½IM ASK 2
98Albers Sasa2027NED3s ½IM ASK 2
109IMDeshmukh Anup2201IND4,5- 0KIM ASK 2
1110GMPopchev Milko2222BUL4,5- 0KIM ASK 2
GM Savic Miodrag R 2433 SRB Rp:2418 Pts. 4,5
110IMPanic Nenad2326SRB2w 1GM Rujna zora 5
22IMMakarian Rudik2470RUS6,5w ½GM Rujna zora 5
33IMNitin S.2381IND5,5s 0GM Rujna zora 5
44FMMahitosh Dey2229IND2,5w ½GM Rujna zora 5
55Raahul V S2344IND6s ½GM Rujna zora 5
66GMDizdarevic Emir2423BIH5w ½GM Rujna zora 5
77Avinash Ramesh2424IND2,5s 1GM Rujna zora 5
88GMIniyan P2529IND7- 0KGM Rujna zora 5
99IMRamoutar Alan-Safar2400TTO3,5s ½GM Rujna zora 5
IM Panic Nenad 2326 SRB Rp:2208 Pts. 2
11GMSavic Miodrag R2433SRB4,5s 0GM Rujna zora 5
26GMDizdarevic Emir2423BIH5- 0KGM Rujna zora 5
32IMMakarian Rudik2470RUS6,5s 0GM Rujna zora 5
47Avinash Ramesh2424IND2,5w 1GM Rujna zora 5
53IMNitin S.2381IND5,5s 0GM Rujna zora 5
68GMIniyan P2529IND7w 0GM Rujna zora 5
74FMMahitosh Dey2229IND2,5s 1GM Rujna zora 5
89IMRamoutar Alan-Safar2400TTO3,5w 0GM Rujna zora 5
95Raahul V S2344IND6s 0GM Rujna zora 5