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Group A - Playing venue in Hotel Kursaal
Group B & C - Playing venue in Hotel Cristallo

Vergani Cup January 2022 - Open A >1800

Last update 09.01.2022 14:24:59, Creator/Last Upload: marcobelemmi

Player overview for SUI

93Paleologu Vladimir2053SUI00½0½11003105Group A

Results of the last round for SUI

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
Paleologu Vladimir20533 0 - 13 Dukic Zachary2140

Player details for SUI

Paleologu Vladimir 2053 SUI Rp:1920 Pts. 3
131FMMartinovici Ilia2398MDA5,5s 0
264FMPulkkinen Kari2251FIN4w 0
3108Frescura Davide1917ITA3,5s ½
4114Mehlhorn David1868GER3s 0
5113Saketh Pedagandham1877IND1,5w ½
6120Giammona Federico1784ITA2w 1
7104Budyi Danylo1953ITA2s 1
868FMCiolek Andreas2217GER4w 0
979Dukic Zachary2140CAN4w 0