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Ciutat de Barcelona 2021 Grupo A 260992

Last update 26.08.2021 21:07:46, Creator/Last Upload: Manuel Navarro Perez

Player overview for ROU

52FMHristodorescu Daniel22110ROU101101011623Grupo A

Results of the last round for ROU

Rd.Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
91652FMHristodorescu Daniel22115 1 - 05 Daakshin Arun1758142

Player details for ROU

FM Hristodorescu Daniel 2211 ROU Rp:2240 Pts. 6
1127AGMSaketh Pedagandham18410IND0- 1K
25GMPraggnanandhaa R26080IND4w 0
394MKDominguez Rueda Juan20032170ESP3,5s 1
4105Rindhiya V19650IND3w 1
53GMMoussard Jules26212634FRA7s 0
6114O`gorman Alice19260IRL4s 1
724IMPranav Anand24170IND5,5w 0
8124WCMBibilashvili Lali18652054GEO4,5s 1
9142Daakshin Arun17580IND5w 1