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Caissa End of the Month March 2021 - Groups C/D

Last update 21.03.2021 08:41:02, Creator/Last Upload: MUÑIZ PARDIÑO, Alberto

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Starting rank

1Annie LiuC
2Arsh SekhriC
3Brandon FangC
4Gowthaman Muruganandan AdhavanC
5Jensen ChuC
6Jonas ChuC
7Jonathan ChinC
8Joshua ChuC
9Lincoln OrC
10Lolo LeeC
11Nathan LeungC
12Pak Him Ip HomerC
13Sastha Baladundaram KuppurajC
14Alexandra PhanD
15Elise KellyD
16Jeremy LeungD
17Oscar ShumD
18Samara ThakurD
19Victoria PhanD