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Preliminaries 2021

Last update 21.06.2021 22:57:58, Creator/Last Upload: Malta Chess Federation

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Starting rank

1Psaila Mario5600731MLT1765
2WFMThornton Filipina5600464MLT1738
3Saliba Luke5600480MLT1738
4Richards John5600030MLT1732
5Refalo Ian5601118MLT1642
6Saliba Karl5601290MLT1506
7Herd Samuel5601380MLT1463
8Grima Noel5600588MLT1404
9Zangrilli Leonardo5603080MLT1252
10ACMGauci David5600715MLT1195
11Micallef Jacob Leigh5603005MLT1171
12Amato Gauci Andrew5603595MLT0
13Camilleri Klaus Paul5603480MLT0
14Haber Mario5603650MLT0
15Theuma Stefan5603617MLT0
16Vella Beppe5603544MLT0
17Xuereb Lyon Abel5603609MLT0
18Zammit Jacob5603471MLT0