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4. New Chess Brains Event - Blitzmatch

Last update 12.03.2020 16:02:35, Creator/Last Upload: Hugo Schulz (IA)

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Team-Composition without round-results

  1. Deutschland U12 (RtgAvg:2031 / TB1: 51,5 / TB2: 22)
1Costa Leonardo2091GER162139551220
2Deuer Marius2099GER162364321320
3Hagner Bennet2012GER16224477920
4Ermitsch Magnus1974GER162344648,520
5Von Mettenheim Johannes1980GER16244818920
  2. Hamburg Old School (RtgAvg:2170 / TB1: 48,5 / TB2: 18)
1FMHebbinghaus Holger2292GER463284210,520
2FMReddmann Hauke Dr.2138GER46035401120
3Schroeder Christoph2129GER46052501020
4FMBreyther Ruediger2163GER4601211820
5Payyappat Sreyas2126IND46674969920