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Accentus Young Masters 2020 10 Runden, Scheveninger System, 26.2.2020 - 6.3.2020

Last update 06.03.2020 14:05:09, Creator: Georg Kradolfer,Last Upload: Dominik Wolfinger

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Team-Composition with round-results

  1. Team World (RtgAvg:2564, TB1: 32,5 / TB2: 17)
1GMBrunello Sabino2528ITA813613½1½0111½016,5102384
2GMAlbornoz Cabrera Carlos Daniel2566CUB3518736111½011½0½6,5102384
3GMPetrov Nikita2592RUS410128601½1½0½1116,5102384
4GMDonchenko Alexander2650GER2460329511½111½0118102384
5GMDiermair Andreas2483AUT1612468½½1½0½10105102384
  2. Team Switzerland (RtgAvg:2384, TB1: 17,5 / TB2: 3)
1FMColmenares Aurelio2302SUI1308629½0½01000013102564
2IMBänziger Fabian2415SUI133011000½½00½1002,5102564
3GMStuder Noël2546SUI1319620100111½11½7102564
4IMGähwiler Gabriel2407SUI13145300½½½½00½103,5102564
5FMStijve Theo2249SUI1331132½0000½0½001,5102564