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Polufinale pojedinacnog prvenstva Srbije - žene

Last update 01.03.2020 13:43:34, Creator/Last Upload: Sahovski Savez Vojvodine

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Starting rank

1WIMVelikic Adela913553SRB22942294
2WIMGajcin Marina949086SRB22732273
3WGMPrudnikova Svetlana929700SRB22102210
4WIMDrljevic Ljilja928879SRB21892189
5WGMBenderac Ana913464SRB21692169
6WFMKovacevic Radmila933171SRB21132113
7WFMVujcic Milena954748SRB20892089
8WFMMilosevic Jovana900427SRB20752075
9Nestorovic Katarina954632SRB20272027
10WFMSrdanovic Jovana954810SRB19881988
11Dimitrijevic Andjela970425SRB18031803
12Stankovic Marija966169SRB17791779
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