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ΚΑΛΗ ΧΡΟΝΙΑ 2020 - Β Όμιλος

Last update 12.01.2020 14:18:52, Creator/Last Upload: Greek Chess Federation

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Starting rank

1Anagnostopoulos GeorgiosGRE0
2Apostolatos Loukas Spyridon25887831GRE0
3Dilaris Petros42132070GRE0
4Galatis AggelosGRE0
5Garmpis SpyridonGRE0
6Georgiou Vasiliki25895273GRE0
8Konstantatos IoannisGRE0
9Kontalis ChristosGRE0
10Kontaxis Athanasios Pyrgos42117500GRE0
11Kontaxis Charalampos Efag42112524GRE0
12Krekoukiotis Georgios25887912GRE0
13Magoulas PanagisGRE0
14Mandrekas PanagiotisGRE0
15Marinos Ioannis Dionysios25882554GRE0
16Mourelatos KallikratisGRE0
17Mourelatou EviGRE0
18Mpoukouvalas DionisiosGRE0
19Spyratos Petros Pavlos42102693GRE0
20Tsiros GeorgiosGRE0
21Tzouganatos Dimitrios25892215GRE0
22Vasilikopoulos VasilisGRE0
23Vitsos KonstantinosGRE0
24Zafeiropoulos EmmanouilGRE0