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Downend New Year Blitz

Last update 01.01.2020 23:40:00, Creator/Last Upload: Geoff Gammon

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Starting rank

1Meek Stephen J411035ENG189
2Chaplin Peter E406554ENG179
3Painter-Kooiman David441562ENG177
4Stubbs Oliver441325ENG177
5Brigden Michael E449482ENG173
6Nendick Philip Hc459534ENG170
7Spiller PaulENG163
8Munn Andrew469297ENG161
9Fielding Michael447269ENG155
10Radford Robert P477346ENG150
11Tipper David I448257ENG150
12Kan Toby457515ENG145
13Saunders Aron469343ENG145
14Tye Jack456497ENG137
15Dasgupta DebadityaENG118
16Daly Grant448087ENG117
17Goodhew FinnENG108
18Walsh Shaun456519ENG85
19Campbell SiobahnENG10
20Kan DavidENG30
21Stubbs John463620ENG71