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2019 London Junior Chess Championships Under 14 Minor

Last update 15.12.2019 19:19:18, Creator/Last Upload: ljcc

Starting rank

1Martin Thomas WENG100Sussex Juniors
2Masacorale JamesENG96Oxfordshire Juniors
3Lee HarrisonENG94Middlesex Juniors
4Anderson TristanENG92Barnet Knights
5Chan Kian474347ENG90West Nottingham
6Horton JakeENG90Chelmsford
7Srivastava Devansh473138ENG90Kent Junior Congresses
8Bruhn JohannENG87London Sw *
9Goldsmith Charlie6430126ENG87Linton
10Bracken Layla486906ENG84Barnet Knights
11Powell Henry477818ENG82Leicestershire Juniors
12Mendis Arjuna448311ENG80West Nottingham
13Rupf OscarENG74London Sw *
14Sanka Amit Aryan472360ENG74Kent Junior Congresses
15Bhaskaran Josh489263ENG73Oxfordshire Juniors
16Leith AlexanderENG73Watford
17Buckman CyrusENG72London Se *
18Gohil ShayanENG69Hornchurch *
19Wicks AlexanderENG67Woking
20Rajesh ShraddhaENG66Barnet Knights
21ACMGogia Abeer480444ENG62Reading
22Amasa-Attram Nii TetteyENG60Newham
23Asare LordperseusENG59Newham
24Belousov Dmitry460125ENG59Kent Junior Congresses
25Bhaskaran RocheENG59Oxfordshire Juniors
26Bracken JasmineENG59Barnet Knights
27Gill JoshanENG59Buckinghamshire Juniors
28Lau Aywin486825ENG53Sussex Juniors
29Verma ShreyENG50Q Elizabeth School Barnet
30Amore Victoria452726ENG47Latymer School
31Vaidyanathan SathyaENG43Checkmate
32Doyle Jamie487937ENG0Poole
33Duke Dillan487538ENG0Hereford
34Evans DanielENG0Harrow
35Sugimoto RyosukeENG0Middlesex Juniors