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2019 Lidums Young Masters Open

Last update 13.12.2019 03:52:34, Creator/Last Upload: Papua New Guinea Chess Federation

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Starting rank

1Bayaca Sterling3227790AUS1980
2Badrinarayan Sankeertan3219704AUS1900
3Bartley George3233570AUS1733
4Boldyrev Nikita3240037AUS1694
5Lu Lillian3219208AUS1689
6He Caleb4307615NZL1668
7Kiripitige Chathula3225178AUS1668
8Rahman Raad3239160AUS1619
9He Paul4307623NZL1612
10Fenton Oliver3243370AUS1511
11Xing Zerui3236714AUS1453
12Retnaraja Ethan3236153AUS1433
13Pattison Hamish3239144AUS1409
14Nair Gautam3240053AUS1327
15Retnaraja Athena-Malar3237710AUS1322
16Watkins Rachel Jane3233995AUS1230
17Maria Alistair3242005AUS1071
18Balachander TharanAUS951
19Challa SuhasAUS753
20Hilankovan SreeAUS0