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2019 Lidums Australian Young Masters

Last update 13.12.2019 04:00:48, Creator/Last Upload: Papua New Guinea Chess Federation

Starting rank list of players

1GMUrkedal Frode Olav Olsen1506102NOR2545
4GMCheng Bobby4300033AUS2529
5IMMikalsen Erlend1507338NOR2361
3Winkelman Albert3219941AUS2283
10FMMaung Maung Kyaw Zaw Hein13001698MYA2274
7FMLim Zhuo Ren5702488MAS2245
9Maguire Tom3221385AUS2139
2FMKethro Michael3215504AUS2075
6Leaver Kyle3228410AUS2059
8Lee Aaron James3232409AUS2003