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Women's FIDE Grand Prix Series Monaco

Last update 14.12.2019 18:08:03, Creator/Last Upload:

Starting rank list of players

8GMKoneru Humpy5008123IND2574
4GMGoryachkina Aleksandra4147103RUS2572
6GMMuzychuk Mariya14114550UKR2559
9GMLagno Kateryna14109336RUS2547
7GMMuzychuk Anna14111330UKR2537
12GMDzagnidze Nana13601903GEO2520
1GMHarika Dronavalli5015197IND2518
5GMGunina Valentina4167570RUS2492
11GMZhao Xue8601283CHN2485
10GMKosteniuk Alexandra4128125RUS2483
2IMPaehtz Elisabeth4641833GER2475
3GMCramling Pia1700030SWE2461