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Rockadenblixten 2019

Senast uppdaterad22.09.2019 18:27:11, Creator/Last Upload: Stockholms Schackförbund

Slutställning efter 26 ronder

Plac.SNrNamnNationRatingKlubbPoäng TB1  TB2 Rp
19Seo Jung MinSWE2446Stockholms SS240207122061
24Douhan DavidSWE2071Pyramidens SK203244611899
35Lagerborg KristerSWE1845Farsta SK201,5244611917
43Trost EdvinSWE1960SK Rockaden201,5195911908
52Ekenberg UlfSWE1959SK Rockaden17,50207121822
68Wikman ViktorSWE1333SK Rockaden14,50244611788
77Bäcklund EliasSWE1489SK Rockaden140207121762
813Molin NilsSWE1717SK Rockaden120195921687
910Seo Jung HyunSWE1886Trojanska Hästen11,50207121660
1012Svärdh JohanSWE1867Stockholms SS110188611647
1114Sandberg SimonSWE1460SK Rockaden5,50195911505
126Seo Jung HoonSWE1384Trojanska Hästen50244611490
1311Hellmer HelenaSWE1277Hässelby SK40188621454
141Vu AlexanderSWE1327SK Rockaden30138421410

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Better result (Victory or Draw) against player with the lowest starting rank