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Upsala ASS September-ELO 2019 grupp B

Senast uppdaterad15.09.2019 19:17:48, Creator/Last Upload: David Foster


1Johansson Lennart B1721020SWE1849Wasa SK
2Möller Hampus1759108SWE1837Falu SK
3Myrberg Rickard1709720SWE1795Schack 78
4Karlsson Roy1709429SWE1787Heby SS
5Vallgren Anders1733386SWE1786Upsala ASS
6Brolin Viktor1727699SWE1776Stockholms SS
7Sjögren Christer1738968SWE1765VästerĂ¥s SK
8Pettersson Karl-Axel1717650SWE1745Heby SS
9Andersson Sven-Olov1731130SWE1717Heby SS
10Mitra Ashoke1720767SWE1647Upsala ASS
11Pettersson LarsSWE1743Heby SS
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