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Hastings Weekend Inter

Last update 07.01.2020 11:43:03, Creator/Last Upload: Lara Barnes IA

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Starting rank

1Heath Chris W450030ENG158Horsham
2Bovtramovics Vladimirs11603925LAT157Woking
3Mcdonnell James J2500787IRL155Streatham
4O'gorman Brendan419214ENG154Dhss
5Gartside Carl429945ENG153Macclesfield
6Ismail Mohammed Aayan465135ENG153Newham
7Van Hoof Alexander451045ENG153Leicester University
8Badham Duncan R422835ENG152Lewes
9Mata Andrew B418803ENG150
10Rogal Chris S1182420POL148Hendon
11Smith Stephen J466212ENG146Chichester
12Waldock Adrian Dp417300ENG146East Grinstead
13Saunders Aron469343ENG145Downend & Fishponds
14Shchepinova Polina460893ENG145Sussex Juniors
15Bedwell Richard442321ENG143Tunbridge Wells
16Chantrell Paul451967ENG143Kings Head
17Bishop Geoffrey L417491ENG142Metropolitan
18Foley Phil T415871ENG139Upminster
19Parry Jacques H425923ENG139London Ec/Wc *
20Roberts Anthony J427977ENG138Wallasey
21Smith David W481653ENG138Maidstone
22Pinto Phil B473731ENG137Emsworth
23Masani Matthew MENG136Guildford
24Cload Adrian443190ENG134Hastings & St Leonards
25Hart Dyke James E440892ENG133Weald Of Kent
26Wood Peter C404667ENG132Hastings *
27Woodhams MasonENG132Hastings & St Leonards
28Zhorayev Almas13726560KAZ127
29Rajesh BhramavENG126Chelmsford *
30Dias Ruwan64300960ENG118Hertfordshire Juniors
31Megias Eva465062ENG113London *
32Sellick Simon C443328ENG109Bracknell
33Sandhu Sandeep486302ENG98Metropolitan
34Broadhead Geoffrey JENG76Weald Of Kent