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2019 Canadian Junior Chess Championship - Open Section

Last update 12.08.2019 00:48:07, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 38)

Starting rank

1FMVettese Nicholas2620090CAN2418On (Toronto)
2FMHua Eugene2618150CAN2415On (Waterdown)
3FMRodrigue-Lemieux Shawn2620049CAN2331Qc (Montreal)
4Li William2619750CAN2292On (Scarborough)
5WFMDemchenko Svitlana14149893CAN2288On (Ottawa)
6Xu Jeffrey2617110CAN2287On (Markham)
7Issani Nameer2619130CAN2257On (Toronto)
8Zhang Henry2620162CAN2245On (Windsor)
9CMTanaka Tyler7002351CAN2239Qc (Westmount)
10Kang Dorian2619156CAN2206On (Aurora)
11Rusonik Max2619253CAN2179On (Thornhill)
12Graif William2609835CAN2167Us (Scarsdale, Ny)
13Zhao Harry2620413CAN2159On (Toronto)
14Gao Raymond2629429CAN2154On (Toronto)
15Zhao Jeffrey R.2627450CAN2131On (Toronto)
16Huang Youhe2629445CAN2126On (Thornhill)
17Xu Daniel2627345CAN2092On (Kanata)
18Ahmed Syed Ibrahim2633442CAN2085On (Toronto)
19Ning Eric2625407CAN2084On (Markham)
20Zheng Kevin2628120CAN2081On (Richmond Hill)
21Joseph Benher Savio2629453CAN2044On (Lasalle)
22Lazarev ShonCAN1619On (Toronto)