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10th DATCC/DATIN YEE WAI FONG Age-Group CC 2019 - UNDER 06

Last update 15.08.2019 10:25:28, Creator/Last Upload: Malaysian Chess Federation

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Starting rank

1ACMMithun Pranav25996037IND1051
2Jai Kishna A/L SivanesanMAS0
3Muhammad Fauzul Amin Bin Mohd AzMAS0
4Muthusamy Mugheelan35805315MAS0
5Nguyen Dinh An Phu12425443VIE0
6Prushotman Aasshman5762138MAS0
7Soo Yin BoqMAS0
8Sowmiya A/P MathanMAS0
9Yong JieMAS0
10Zara Irrdina Bte Muhamad IrrwanMAS0