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XXI Open Internacional d'escacs de Sants, Hostafrancs i la Bordeta Group A Code 224529

Last update 01.09.2019 19:06:05, Creator: Davide Vega d'Aurelio,Last Upload: Carlos Gimenez CaƱadas

Player overview for BAN

49GMMurshed Niaz24050½1½11½01117,510Grup A

Results of the last round for BAN

Rd.Bo.No. NameTypRtgPts. ResultPts. NameTypRtg No.
IMVogel Roven2456 0 - 1 GMMurshed Niaz2405

Player details for BAN

GM Murshed Niaz 2405 BAN Rp:2454 Pts. 7,5
1220Rohit S201607s ½
2222Roubert Emile201405,5w 1
3141FMMontilla Carrillo Esteban217421704,5s ½
4144FMHristodorescu Daniel216805w 1
5107FMAgdelen Huseyin Can227205,5s 1
634FMLettieri Giuseppe243106,5w ½
77GMHillarp Persson Tiger255806,5w 0
8105Biastoch Bennet227405,5s 1
9116MKVillar Reymundo Juan Antonio224422456,5w 1
1030IMVogel Roven245606,5s 1