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Tetrasoft Hyderabad Marriott Grandmaster Chess Tournament 2019 (above 1700)

Last update 27.08.2019 10:44:25, Creator/Last Upload: vlanandh

Player overview for TJK

7IMKhusenkhojaev Muhammad2442TJK1111½1½½½½7,53

Results of the last round for TJK

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
Kaustuv Kundu22957 ½ - ½7 IMKhusenkhojaev Muhammad2442

Player details for TJK

IM Khusenkhojaev Muhammad 2442 TJK Rp:2442 Pts. 7,5
183Bhagyashree Patil1791IND4,0s 1
247Samal Ansuman1975IND5,0w 1
326Baivab Mishra2215IND7,0s 1
420CMKushagra Mohan2252IND7,0w 1
514Pranav V2316IND7,0w ½
612IMRaja Rithvik R2364IND7,0s 1
73GMTukhaev Adam2541UKR8,0w ½
85GMMosadeghpour Masoud2509IRI7,0s ½
923Hari Madhavan N B2231IND7,5w ½
1016Kaustuv Kundu2295IND7,5s ½