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Upsala ASS Maj-ELO gr B 2019

Last update 19.05.2019 19:25:46, Creator/Last Upload: David Foster

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Starting rank

1Lane Håkan1433695DEN1976Ystads SS
2Kruuse Peter1720376SWE1920Västerås SK
3Pinheiro Diamant Jonatan1734628SWE1824Uppsala SSS
4Karlsson Roy1709429SWE1793Heby SS
5Agnäs Thore1718118SWE1782Upsala ASS
6Vallgren Anders1733346SWE1775Upsala ASS
7Fahlberg Kenneth1747444SWE1772Sundsvalls SK
8Pettersson Lars1717359SWE1732Heby SS
9Markensten Max1734610SWE1695Uppsala SSS
10Kallin Anders1747576SWE1685SK Pjäsen
11Rosenthal Emanuel1738852SWE1664Wasa SK
12Skåhlberg Bjerknes-Lima de Faria Warg1738100SWE1651UppsalaSSS
13Mitra Ashoke1720767SWE1622Upsala ASS
14Stordahl Vidar1738119SWE1555Upsala ASS
15Nyberg Per1716743SWE1552Upsala ASS
16Molin Albin1746073SWE1545Upsala ASS
17Östensson Julia1747703SWE1383Uppsala SSS
18Höglund Jan1762206SWE1374Upsala ASS
19Hansson Joakim1727680SWE1205Upsala ASS
20Gerdner JuliaSWE0Wasa SK