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Upsala ASS Maj-ELO gr A 2019

Last update 19.05.2019 19:10:47, Creator/Last Upload: David Foster

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Starting rank

1Ernst Thomas1700065SWE2336Farsta SK
2Lundin Jan1706896SWE2325Farsta SK
3Wagner Stephan1613251AUT2217Upsala ASS
4Kashebayev Azamat13706420KAZ2156Upsala ASS
5Söderström Adrian1745786SWE2150Fagerviks SK
6Sundin Emanuel1719173SWE2103Gnarps SK
7Fernandez Juan Pablo1705920SWE2047Upsala ASS
8Carlsson Gustav1734148SWE1996Heby SS
9Mitra Akash1726714SWE1933Uppsala SSS
10Myrberg RickardSWE1783Schack 78