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8th World Champion Mikhail Tal rapid chess memorial-2019

Last update 17.07.2019 15:08:36, Creator/Last Upload: riga chess federation

Player overview for CZE

8GMNavara David2677CZE1110111½½119,022018,80Rapid

Results of the last round for CZE

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
GMNavara David26778 1 - 08 GMMunoz Miguel2576

Player details for CZE

GM Navara David 2677 CZE Rp:2709 Pts. 9,0
1147MKPetrovs Jaroslavs1887LAT5,0s 1201,60
283FMDudin Gleb2244RUS6,5w 1201,60
347GMGleizerov Evgeny2479RUS7,0s 1204,80
425GMPredke Alexandr2593RUS8,0w 020-12,40
561IMGalliamova Alisa2384RUS7,0s 1203,00
641IMUsmanov Vasily2503RUS7,0w 1205,40
752GMGretarsson Helgi Ass2461ISL5,5s 1204,40
835GMSvane Rasmus2550GER8,5w ½20-3,40
920GMKovalenko Igor2622LAT8,5s ½20-1,60
1021GMVitiugov Nikita2614RUS8,0w 1208,20
1128GMMunoz Miguel2576ESP8,0w 1207,20
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