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Χειμερινό Νεανικό Τουρνουά Rapid ΝΕΠ - ΕΑΠ - GroupA

Last update 09.12.2018 20:25:19, Creator/Last Upload: Greek Chess Federation

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Starting rank

1Makridis Dimitrios25864475GRE1724
2Dimitrakopoulos Marios-Odisseas4268709GRE1464
3Christodoulou Panormitis25834843GRE1460
4Kastis Fotis25800884GRE1313
5Koutras Konstantinos25866770GRE1230
6Berkoutakis Nektarios25872354GRE1212
7Georgiou Anastasios4297903GRE1181
8Christodoulou Georgia25850032GRE1176
9Sinouris Andreas25840703GRE1154
10Mastrogiannopoulos Christos Pan25846817GRE1152
11Gkolfinopoulou Marina25803220GRE1140
12Fertakis Dimitrios25820559GRE1126
13Spyratos Iason25834851GRE1113
14Maroudas Nikolaos25840673GRE1107
15Apostolopoulos Michail25863088GRE1079
16Kalantzis Ilias25846787GRE0