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50th International Ladies Grandmaster Tournament

Last update 13.03.2018 16:14:55, Creator/Last Upload: belgrade chess federation

Starting rank list of players

10IMVidenova Iva2907763FID2323
5WIMTomilova Elena4162340RUS2313
12WIMGajcin Marina949086SRB2295
2WIMVelikic Adela913553SRB2293
11WIMInjac Teodora932400SRB2291
9WGMRapport Jovana937266SRB2282
7WIMEric Jovana938238SRB2265
4WGMChelushkina Irina928615SRB2261
3WIMBlagojevic Tijana16500270SRB2249
8WIMDragomirescu Angela1209914ROU2235
6WGMDimitrijevic Aleksandra929239BIH2234
1WGMMaisuradze Nino13601717FRA2210
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