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Dundee 150

Last update 23.07.2017 21:11:31, Creator: alexholowczak,Last Upload: Lara Barnes IA

Starting rank list of players

8GMROZENTALIS Eduardas12800023LTU2509
10GMPETR Martin318299CZE2486
3GMKAPNISIS Spyridon4203445GRE2464
2IMGREET Andrew N405817SCO2447
1GMCRAMLING Pia1700030SWE2444
5GMWILLIAMS Simon K404454ENG2442
9GMMCNAB Colin A2400030SCO2435
6GMARKELL Keith C400270ENG2424
7GMARAKHAMIA-GRANT Ketevan13600168SCO2364
4IMPRITCHETT Craig W2400065SCO2326