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Caissa Friday Spring Open

Last update 02.06.2017 16:47:42, Creator/Last Upload: muñiz pardiño, alberto

Starting rank

1Rivas Vila David2221594ESP2166
2AGMTushar Anand5079128IND1954
3AGMOh Benjamin Yao Teng6001440HKG1866
4Garceran Nieuwenburg David6001718HKG1742
5Bottazzi Ulysse45102988FRA1544
6Garceran Wang Miguel Angel6002005HKG1497
7Yau Kwok Yui Oliver6002579HKG1480
8Uppal Mahir6003338HKG1161
9Donde Varun Mandar6005306HKG0
10Hill-Wood Edward453862ENG0
11Lam Chun Yung Samuel6004431HKG0
12Ng Wai Ho6005241HKG0
13Nichols James Edward6003419HKG0
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