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FEB-Monatsblitz Klubmeisterschaft SK Baden

Last update 23.02.2017 21:27:34, Creator/Last Upload: Schachklub Baden (Otto Myslivec)

Starting rank list of players

6Juenger Heinz Dr.1620010AUT2122
8Eidenberger Otto1987
1Geismann Bernhard1622013AUT1977
2Ebert Christian Dr1627155AUT1973
11Perndl Johann1607200AUT1972
7Hrdina Karl Dr.1613391AUT1888
12Riess Gerhard1604830AUT1878
10Varga Johannes1633180AUT1868
5Rier Guenter1616056AUT1862
9Myslivec OttoAUT1814
4Prendinger Rudolf1648470AUT1730
3Horvath Laslo1638025AUT1652