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Fase Final Campeonato Nacional Femenino 2017

Last update 16.01.2017 01:58:53, Creator/Last Upload: Club Metropolitano

Starting rank list of players

5WIMRodriguez Arrieta Maria Elena6502911CRC2044Naranjo
3WFMGamboa Alvarado Olga Leticia6502270CRC2032Moravia
1Ramirez Gonzalez Maria Jose6503349CRC2024Ccdr San Ramon
2WFMMorera Campos Hazel Maria6505910CRC1973Ccdr San Ramon
9Morera Campos Yanori Maria6505473CRC1964Asociacion San Ramon
4WFMAcevedo Mendez Jennifer6504442CRC1961Codea
6WCMSalas Torres Pamela6505716CRC1936Pococi
8WCMCastillo Morales Thais6507395CRC1934Ccdr San Jose
10Bogantes Robleto Karina6504582CRC1851Ccdr Goicoechea
7WFMSalazar Gould Melanie6505090CRC1844Ccdr San Jose