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Sakha Chmp. 2016 Men

Last update 27.12.2016 01:29:13, Creator/Last Upload: Vladimir

Starting rank list of players

11FMVasilyev Vasily24102180RUS2300
6FMMakarov Nikolay Val.4151950RUS2275
8Pahomov Ruslan4174208RUS2270
10Beketov Pavel34112429RUS2262
4FMGanzhurov Roman4179501RUS2250
5Mustafin Nariman34107450RUS2246
2Popov Maksim M.34112437RUS2244
1Rodionov Yuri4115830RUS2218
7Vinokurov Nyurgun24118621RUS2168
9Mestnikov Aital24175943RUS2114
12FMMestnikov Aisen34130117RUS2111
3Kadyrov Akylbek24206539RUS2004