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Cup final NFD chess 2016 Tournament "B" with the norm of internetional master

Last update 17.12.2016 15:03:10, Creator: St.Petersburg Chess Federation,Last Upload: Orlov Vassilii

Starting rank list of players

9FMKeinanen Toivo509825FIN2345
6Gogolev Artem4116615RUS2343
5IMPayen Arnaud600814FRA2324
1FMMalyshev Grigory24199028RUS2323
8Dilmukhametov Artur24179922RUS2319
2IMIljin Timofey14110180UKR2313
4FMToivonen Alexander V.4107918RUS2312
3IMGazik Igor14900149SVK2308
7Donskov AnatolyRUS2305
10WIMSolozhenkina Elizaveta34106615RUS2269