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ACC August Swiss Crown

Last update 13.09.2016 05:21:17, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 23)

Starting rank

1Humphreys Michael2607522CAN2336ON
2Yu Jonathan2606828CAN2222ON
3Southam David2601044CAN2215ON
4Stefanovic Miroslav2617889CAN2184ON
5Calvelo Jelvis5208009CAN2156FO
6Zotkin Daniel2615339CAN2154ON
7Li William2619750CAN2117ON
8Malakhovets Sergey2622769CAN2045ON
9England MaxCAN1982ON
10Cliff Scott2600978CAN1885ON
11Mendoza Armand Jess2621509CAN1863ON
12Calderon Andrei JoshuaCAN1850
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