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DIS 2016 Australian Women's Masters

Last update 22.01.2016 08:52:38, Creator/Last Upload: Palau Chess Federation

Starting rank list of players

9WGMRyjanova Julia4127714RUS2387
7IMDaulyte Deimante12802859LTU2378
5WGMGara Ticia717444HUN2347
2WGMGu Xiaobing8602611CHN2286
4WGMZhang Jilin8602867CHN2250
10Novosadova Kristyna328065CZE2231
6WIMLeks Hanna1123831POL2192
3IMBerezina Irina3201937AUS2178
1WFMGosciniak Maria1126814POL2090
8WFMStangl Anita Dr.4608801GER2052