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Blitz tournament "Autumn 2013" Drama CC

Last update 15.09.2013 13:34:00, Creator/Last Upload: Demirtzoglou

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Starting rank

1Demirtzoglou HristGRE2064
2Manelidis SavvasGRE1948
3Tsolakidou StavroulaGRE1900
4Stamoulas NikosGRE1854
5Zisiadis DimitriosGRE1827
6Tsekmes DimitriosGRE1707
7Papadopoulos MihailGRE1697
8Lithoxoos TheodorosGRE1691
9Dermentzis EfthimiosGRE1557
10Hristoforidis VasiliosGRE1498
11Hristoforidis Hristoforos G.GRE1469
12Stamatis IoannisGRE1360
13Krikoglou IordanisGRE1357
14Tsirlis PanteleimonGRE1331
15Alexandridis ChristosGRE1318
16Dermentzi EkateriniGRE0
17Georgiadis DavidGRE0
18Kalamoukos GrigoriosGRE0
19Leyloglou NikolaosGRE0
20Mihailidis IosifGRE0
21Mihailidou MagdaliniGRE0
22Stamatis VasiliosGRE0
23Tsirli EvaggeliaGRE0
24Tsolakidis Dimitrios NrGRE0