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FEDLast update
1Кубок Chesskids в Ладоге RUS
Rp 0 Minutes
2Al Ain Overseas International Chess Festival 2023 EGY
St 1 Minutes
3Otvoreno prvenstvo opštine Bač SRB
Rp 1 Minutes
4Campionatul National dezlegari - editia 2023 ROU
St 1 Minutes
5Pion Campion Junior Decembrie 2023 Turneul B ROU
Rp 1 Minutes
6بطولة ليبيا 33_المرحلة الأولي بنغازي LBA
St 2 Minutes
7Wimbledon FIDE Rapidplay U1700 ENG
Rp 2 Minutes
84th 4NCL Autumn Online Congress Under 1400 ENG
St 2 Minutes
Rp 3 Minutes
10Sheffield Chess Centre Rapidplay Open ENG
Rp 3 Minutes
111 RUS
Rp 4 Minutes
12PŘEBOR PRAHY 2023 v bleskovém šachu CZE
Bz 4 Minutes
13Campionatele Nationale de blitz 2023 - open ROU
Bz 4 Minutes
14Wimbledon FIDE Rapidplay Open ENG
Rp 5 Minutes
Bz 5 Minutes
16SuperLiga de Xadrez 2023; Super Blitz MAIORES BRA
Rp 6 Minutes
1749 - Rapid v Braníku CZE
Rp 6 Minutes
18I ElvisChess Rápido Liga Brasileira de Xadrez (LBX) Elvis Pub Brasilia - DF BRA
Rp 6 Minutes
19Cupa Unirii la Sah - U12 - Brasov - Editia a VII -a - 3.12.2023 ROU
Rp 6 Minutes
20Plymouth Rapidplay (7th) ENG
Rp 7 Minutes
21I Torneio de Xadrez Colégio Passionista Nossa Senhora Menina 3º ao 5º Ano - Tarde BRA
Bz 7 Minutes
22II Araraquara Chess Open ! Aberto do Brasil STD www.xadreztotal.com.br R$23.000 BRA
St 8 Minutes
23Karur Kasparovs 4th Tamilnadu State Level Children’s Chess Meet - 3 DEC All Category – First Prize 24inch LED TV; Contact : 9843347862; 9003522606 IND
Rp 8 Minutes
24Sachovy kral Rajca 17.rocnik - Turnaj A SVK
Rp 8 Minutes
25Sachovy kral Rajca 17.rocník - Turnaj B SVK
Rp 8 Minutes
St 8 Minutes
27Hastings New Year pm U1900 ENG
St 9 Minutes
28JUEGOS ESCOLARES 2023 Cat 5 OPEN: 2008 en ouder (28 NOV) ARU
Rp 9 Minutes
29JUEGOS ESCOLARES 2023 Cat 4 OPEN: 2009 en 2010 (28 NOV) ARU
Rp 9 Minutes
30Hastings New Year am U1800 ENG
St 10 Minutes
31Cupa Unirii la Sah - U6 - Brasov - Editia a VII -a - 3.12.2023 ROU
Rp 10 Minutes
32VI Juegos Deportivos Escolares Sub 17 CAC 2023 Rapido Masculino VEN
Rp 11 Minutes
336. Soorser Blitzschachmeisterschaft SUI
Bz 11 Minutes
34London Finchley Road FIDE Blitz 3+2 ENG
Bz 12 Minutes
35TR Rapid 2023 Nov #3 ISL
Rp 12 Minutes
36Campionatele Nationale de blitz 2023 - feminin ROU
Bz 12 Minutes
37Hastings Weekend Inter (1750) ENG
St 12 Minutes
38I этап​ московского кубка Анатолия Карпова 2023 - B RUS
Rp 15 Minutes
39Caplin Hastings Masters ENG
St 15 Minutes
40Schweizer Rapid-Meisterschaft U8 2023 Liestal SUI
Rp 16 Minutes
41XX Gran Torneo Internacional Aficionados Grupo B 2023 - BENIDORM ESP
St 17 Minutes
42JUEGOS ESCOLARES 2023 Cat 1 OPEN: 2015 en jonger (28 NOV) ARU
Rp 18 Minutes
43PEAK ULTIMA series by A.s.o.p DIAS - ΝΟΕΜΒΡΙΟΣ 2023 START: 18/11/2023 GRE
St 19 Minutes
44Campeonato Nacional de Clubes, Ligas y Empresas por Equipos Rápido Absoluto COL
Rp 19 Minutes
45MID ULTIMA series by A.s.o.p DIAS - ΝΟΕΜΒΡΙΟΣ 2023 START: 18/11/2023 GRE
St 19 Minutes
46Beginner to Winner, Inaugural Christmas, U8 ENG
Rp 19 Minutes
47LOW ULTIMA series by A.s.o.p DIAS - ΝΟΕΜΒΡΙΟΣ 2023 START: 18/11/2023 GRE
St 19 Minutes
48LOW K15 Ultima by A.s.o.p DIAS - ΝΟΕΜΒΡΙΟΣ 2023 START: 18/11/2023 GRE
St 19 Minutes
49ULTIMA series by A.s.o.p DIAS - ΝΟΕΜΒΡΙΟΣ 2023 START: 18/11/2023 GRE
St 20 Minutes
504th 4NCL Autumn Online Congress Under 1700 ENG
St 20 Minutes
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