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Last update 04.02.2024 16:53:13, Creator/Last Upload: NOSBO

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Starting rank

1Ten Dam, Bram8975340NED1829
2Kudernac, Theo8974757NED1506
3Mousa, Besher8889045NED1160
4Hentzen, Daan8974482NED1125
5Van Dellen, Thijmen8964791NED1053
6Bakker, Joris8960699NED1009
7Schuls, Olav8999991NED975
8Urban, Hannah8969444NED887
9Chiu, Oliver8881213NED880
10Urban, Tobias8969455NED844
11Ma, Yuan Li9041120NED843
12Koolaard, Lieke8964802NED779
13Dijkstra, Wessel8933056NED635
14Bosch, Ruben8991785NED554
15Schuls, Nils8999980NED537
16Stevens, Jesse8961502NED463
17Wempe, Tijn8946003NED456
18Van Der Vliet, Job8981225NED439
19Hagen, Benthe8969301NED411
20Stevens, Manuel9002224NED407
21Ten Dam, Thijs8998770NED403
22Likoglu, Kaan8991631NED333
23Inia, Dieuwke8974614NED264
24Shrivastava, Aadith8935916NED0
25Van Der Vliet, Mees8981236NED0