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TuTS:n PELO-turnaus 1.2.2024

Last update 01.02.2024 20:25:03, Creator/Last Upload: Shatuki

Starting rank list of players

8Sipilä, Vilka505455FIN2574TuTS
4Linden, Lari504920FIN2193TuTS
3Tanttari, Jaakko519812FIN1818TuTS
7Stockfelt, Jesse509485FIN1761TuTS
6Nousiainen, Roni522023FIN1716TuTS
5Ahtola, Aaron520179FIN1506TuTS
2Rockas, Elias522074FIN1506TuTS
1Korpela, Olavi513016FIN1428TuTS
9Rintala, Miliam519715FIN0TuTS