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Edinburgh Allegro Open

Last update 09.04.2022 18:55:38, Creator/Last Upload: Scotland chess federation (License 3)

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Starting rank

1FMRuxton Keith2400243SCO2309
2CMGreen Andrew D2401762SCO2158
3IMOrr Mark J L2500035IRL2116
4Koehn Lennart12938041SCO2105
5Chisholm Mike2402220SCO1934
6Bremner Ross2409658SCO1919
7AGMSkettos Nicolas5900670CYP1900
8Cocks Elliot444545ENG1886
9Mccormack Derek2406306SCO1795
10Stewart Ethan2410346SCO1730
11Browning Isaac2409020SCO1700
12Blackford Ross2409011SCO1616
13Vijayakumar Rishi2408953SCO1528
14Seijas Otero Ana Belen24593648ESP1432
15Bromberg Julian494909ENG0
16Partridge Scott2410184SCO0