FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Because my forum was used rather seldom, I have stopped it and have replaced it with this FAQ page.

I receive many requests to Swiss manager and Chess-Results.com. Here I will publish questions of general interest.

13 If Swiss-Manager makes problems (crashes during starting or problems with lists)

What to do when Swiss-Manager crashes during starting or if the Installation code must always entered new:

  • Always install the latest version of Swiss Manager.
  • While the program is started, hold down the Shift key. This causes that after confirmation some files are deleted or new initialized with default values.
    - delete of the rating-lists
    - initialize the parameter file with default values
    - initialize the list-definition file with default values
    - delete of the license files

What to do if there are problems (error messages) when Output a list:

  • Always install the latest version of Swiss Manager.
  • In the print menu click button "Default Settings" (located at right/bottom). This causes that the list parameter file is re-created with default values.