FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Because my forum was used rather seldom, I have stopped it and have replaced it with this FAQ page.

I receive many requests to Swiss manager and Chess-Results.com. Here I will publish questions of general interest.

17 How can tournaments be published on the own homepage?

The simplest, fast and professional way to publish the tournament results in Internet is, to upload the Swiss-Manager file to http://chess-results.com/ and set a link from your homepage to Chess-Results or use an IFrame on your homepage.

Chess-Results.com is a dedicated, powerful and reliable server only for chess-tournaments and closely co-operates with Swiss-Manager.

The upload to chess-results.com is very easy. Swiss-Manager menu-Item "Internet/Automatic upload to Chess-Results". This service is free.

IFRAME Example: https://chess-results.com/ExampleIFrame.htm All links open a new chess-results.com

Download of the IFRAME Example

Description of the IFRAME Parameters

Url Parameter Description
height Height of the IFrame in Pixel or Percent
width Width of the IFrame in Pixel or Percent
align IFrame alignment (top, middle, bottom, left, right )
frameborder show border (or not): 0..not show, 1...show
marginwidth marginwidth in Pixel
marginheight marginheigth in Pixel
scrolling Show Scrollbar (YES, NO, auto)
src URL of the side to be embedded
name Name of the Inline-Frame (optional)

Query-Parameter Description of the chess-results.com link

Query-String Parameter Description
TnrNNNNN.aspx NNNNN Datenbasekey on Chess-Results.com.
You find it in Swiss-Manager in the tournament-dialog in sheet "others"
lan Language, 0..German, 1..English, 2..Spain, 3..Polish, 4..Slovak, 5..Czech,...
Default value: auto-detection.
art Type of list, depends on tournament-typ
Example: Single Swiss-System
0..Startranklist, 1..Ranklist, 2..Pairing/Result-list, ..
rd Round for Pairing/Result-list. Round=0..All rounds
For single-swiss-system:
round=-1..current round for pairing-list (art=2) and ranking-list (art=1)
round=-2..current round for pairing-list with results (art=2)
For team-swiss-system:
round=-1..current round for team-pairing-list (art=2) and ranking-list (art=0) and player-pairing-list (art=3)
round=-2..current round for team-pairing-list with results (art=2) and player-pairing-list with results (art=3)
res Show (or not) the results in the Pairing/Result-list.
NO oder YES (default)
iframe YES..fix mandatory
turdet Show (or not) the tournament-details.
NO (default) oder YES
css Specify the Stylesheet.
1..neutral Layout
other..Chess-results.com Layout
links Show (or not)  the links to the different lists.
NO .. No links are displayed
NOT .. No links and no Tournament-name are displayed
YES (default) .. the links and the Tournament-name are displayed

Specify the list-width in Pixel.

fontsize Defines the base font size in points::
between 8 and 14, 11 (default).