FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Because my forum was used rather seldom, I have stopped it and have replaced it with this FAQ page.

I receive many requests to Swiss manager and Chess-Results.com. Here I will publish questions of general interest.

15 How to generate links to other tournaments?


  • 1) If not done, upload the tournament to chess-results.com (Menue-item "Internet/Automatic upload to chess-results.com").
  • 2) Click menue-item "Internet/Customize lists at chess-results.com" in Swiss-Manager. Important: Only the creator of the Swiss-Manager tournament has the permission.
  • 3) Enter the Databasekey in field "Group ID" from "group A" and save (click save button). All tournaments must have the same "Group ID"
  • 4) After saving the field "Short Name" (I think max. 25 characters) is enabled. Input "Group A" or "men section" or like this.
  • 5) In Field "Sorting within Group ID" you can enter the sort of the links, otherwise it is sorting according the Databasekey.
    If you enter 15, 30, 45 ... a new line will be created.

  • 6) ( Load the next tournament (group) in Swiss-Manager and start with 1) ) or faster: Enter in field "Databasekey" the key of the next group, change the field "Short Name" and "Sorting within Group ID" and save the next group.