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Here you find all for the rating calculation registered tournaments. The rating calculation for the next rating-period runs daily at night and calculate all tournaments where the status is "Previewed" or "Rated". If the status "Rated", it was checked and released by the Rating officer. The registration itself happens in Swiss manager (menu item: Internet / Register tournament for ISL rating). The menu item is only visible only for customers from Iceland.
Fields in the list: E(nd): Y..tournament ended, blank still running, C(alculation): P..Only games in this period are calculated, blank..All games are calculated, Games: rated games, NC: Not rated games (opponent has no rating or foreign player (No ID))

Tournamentname or Database-Key Search Rating period Sort according Status
Change 278814Icelandic Team Championship 2017-18 - 1st division19.10.201703.03.2018RatedYP12900
Change 308409Icelandic Team Championship 2017-18 - 2nd Divison20.10.201703.03.2018RatedYP6900
Change 305862Icelandic Team Championship 2017-18 - 3. Divison21.10.201703.03.2018RatedYP12330
Change 308500Icelandic Team Championship 2017-18 4. Divison20.10.201703.03.2018RatedYP1082412

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